Use the drop-down lists to choose what options you want on your car. As you choose each option you will see the price of that option change, as well as the total price of the car. If you choose a different chassis, you should notice that certain weapon mounts will become greyed out. These mounts are not usable on that particular chassis, use only the ones that are in black.

       In general, the program should never let you make a choice that would not be allowed in the game itself, so you should never have to worry about that when designing cars, only what their cost is going to be.

       Check the TURRET checkbox next to the first top weapon slot to indicate if that weapon is on a turret or not. Also you can use the LOCK checkbox to say whether you want to change all of the tire values at once, or separately. If the LOCK is selected then making one tire change will make them all the same tire, otherwise the change will only effect that particular tire.

       Once you feel that you have designed a car that you like and wish to keep, click on the Display Car button. This will create a web page with your car displayed on it so that you may print it out if you wish.

       Also note on this page that there is an import code given near the top. If you ever wish to edit this car again, all you must do is click on the Import Car button in the car designer, then type or cut/paste this code into the field you will be supplied.

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