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† - An Interstate '76 / Nitro Pack gang
‡ - An Interstate '82 gang



Freak Dogs, The - FD   *OPEN*
Octane Outlaws Association - OOA   *OPEN*
"South Houston" - SH


Above the Law - [ATL]
American Autovigilante Association, The - AAA
Ace's Trump Cards - ATC
Ass Kickers, The - TAK
August Knights - AK
Austrailian Vigilantes, The - AV
Auto Assassins, The - AA
Auto Vigilante Guild - AVG
Be Very Afraid - BVA
Bell Bottom Blasters - BBB
Bong Hitters' Alliance - [BHA]
Brazilian Vigilante's Association - BVA
Charlie's Angels - CA   *OPEN*
Childern of Darkness - CoD
Clan Rod - CR
Creeper's Demise - CD
Creeper Force - CF
Confederate Phats - [cp]
Dark Angels - DA
Damage Inc. - DI
Dead End Gang - [DEG]
Deli Kings - DK   *OPEN*
Delta Force - DF
Democracy of Motor Vigilantes - DMV
Disco Bandits - DB
Disco Vigilantes - DV
Dodge Scat Pack - DSP   *OPEN via Web Archive*
Domination, Destruction and Death - D3
Edge Racing - ER
Empire - EMP
Euro Corps - EC
Federal Bureau of Investigation - FBI
Firm, The - TF
Funk Men, The - FM
Frappé - F
General Mayhem - GM
Ghost Riders in the Sky - GRitS
Grand Funk Highway - GFH   *OPEN*
Groove's Disciples - GD
Grumpy Old Men - GoM
GUNfighters, The - GUN
Hitmen, The - HM   *OPEN*
Hack's / Hexer's - HH
Hell's Best Drivers - HBD
Hell's Finest - HF
Hell's Special Vehicles - HSV
Highway 101 - 101
Hollow Points, The - HP
Honor Guard, The - HG
Hotrod Gang - [HG]
Humiliators, The - H
Hunters, The - H
IKIL Manta Solutions - ikil
Insane Vigilante Posse - IVP
Interstate Brotherhood
Interstate Gangsters, The - TIG
Kamikaze - K
Killer Wheels - KW
Los Bastardos - LB
Magnificent Bastards, The - Bastard
Medical Examiners, The - ME
McGee Racing Team - MRT
Midnight Maniacs - MM
Millenium Riders, The - TMR
Monkey Circus Freak - MCF   *OPEN*
Nevada Vigilantes - NV   *OPEN*
Nitro Addicts, The - N/A
Nitro Lounge Cats - NLC
No Limit Soldiers - NLS   *OPEN*
Outlaws, The - TO
Pig F***ers - PF
Professionals, The - Pro
Retro - R
Route 66'ers - R66   *OPEN*
Unknown Reference - ST
Satanic Army, The - TSA
Strangers to Pain - STP   *OPEN*
Sheriff's Squad
Talons - T
Taurus Driving Militia - TDM   *OPEN*
Team Intercept - INT
Team Pyro - TPO
Texas Border Patrol - TBP
U.K. Alliance - UKA
Vigilante Brotherhood - VB
Vigilantes Down Under - VDU
Vigilantes From Hell - VFH
Vigilante Masters Association - VMA   *OPEN*
Vigilante Stalkers - VS
Vigilante: Special Forces - VSF
Voodoo Monkeys - [VM]
Wicked Clowns - WC
Wolfteam - WT


Ace's Trump Cards Messageboard
Bell Bottom Blasters Messageboard
Disco Vigilantes Messageboard
Freak Dogs Messageboard, The    *OPEN*
GUNfighters Messageboard, The
Hell's Special Vehicles Messageboard
i82.co.uk Messageboard
Interstate Gangsters Messageboard, The
Insane Vigilante Posse Messageboard
Millenium Riders Messageboard, The
Nevada Vigilantes Messageboard
Retro Messageboard
Taurus Driving Milita Messageboard
Vigilante Brotherhood Messageboard
Vigilante Masters Association Messageboard
Vintage Interstate Forum    *OPEN*
Vigilante Special Forces Messageboard

Resource Sites

I'82 Maps, Skins, Custom Objects...

Auto Vigilante's Association    *OPEN*
Community, Maps, Articles...


Diver's Lab
Maps, Tutorials...   *OPEN*

GrizZz's Interstate Server Scopes   *OPEN*
Lookin' for a game? Here's your one stop shop!

Gulldogg's Map Shack
A great collection of Interstate maps!

King's Custom Rods   *OPEN*
Bitchin' new twists for your old rides...

Community, Maps, Skins, Articles, Forums...

The Interstate 82 Skin Page   *OPEN*
Mad skins for your pimpin' ride!

Lightfoot's Stolen Maps   *OPEN*
The Interstates Largest Map Site

Nostalgic   *OPEN*
Like the name says

Suicyco's Speed Shop   *OPEN*
Theory, Discussions, Tutorials...

The Voodoo Lounge
Voodoo Child's Interstate Lounge

Original Activision Game Sites (Archive)

Interstate '76

Interstate '76 Aresenal Pack

Interstate '82