Interstate '76

Anti-Crash v.10 (also works with Nitro Pack)
Arsenal Pack Asset Bible
AVA Car Dizyna and Hacker Tracker
Interstate '76 Demo
Interstate '76 Map Editor
Interstate '76 Patch v1.06
Interstate '76 Patch v1.081
Intertrace 1.1
Lightfoot's I'76 Save Games

Nitro Pack

D1VER Map Pack (DIVERmappack.ZIP)
El Gato's AVA Chop Shop v1.9 BETA
Interstate Arsenal / Nitro Pack Demo
Interstate Arsenal Pack Editor
Nitrace .60
Nitro Pack Patch I (Archive Purposes Only)
Nitro Pack Patch II (Archive Purposes Only)
Nitro Pack Patch III
Nitro.exe 30fps Update

Interstate '82

Interstate '82 Demo
Interstate '82 Mini-Car Patch
Interstate '82 "No CD" Patch
Interstate '82 Terraformer
I'82 / Windows XP Host Fix

Other Files

Activision / Dan Kegel's ANET Server
The Great Santini's I'76 Music Video (Small)
The Great Santini's I'76 Music Video (Large)
The "Official" LSM Map Review Guide v.05 BETA
The "Official" LSM Map Review Template
Rude Dog's I'76 Auto Guide
Interstate Outlaws (Public ALPHA - Linux)
Interstate Outlaws (Public ALPHA - Windows)
RM Clock / CPU Throttle
I'82 Gamedisk Music

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