Welcome to the new Auto Vigilante Association home page. The AVA is a set of guidelines used with Interstate '76, Nitro Pack and Interstate '82 multiplayer games. These proven rules were designed to provide fair, fun, and challenging gameplay for everyone! These pages are designed to get you out on the road quickly with dozens of other AVA drivers. So have fun, be real cool, and, most of all...

Drive Offensively

April 4, 2017
AVA site updates!

...pending member participation...

Since the AVA is becoming a thing again, it got ol' Light' a little nostalgic and he took a drive through the past. Seems that there's a bunch of "unpublished" information that's been collecting dust in the archives for a long, long time. I've taken the liberty of pushing a couple new pages up to the site, including an update to the Pricelist page. Poke around. See if there's anything that piques your interest. Any time anyone issues a challenge, I'll push a new page or do an hour worth of code repair. The new pages should retroactively cover the (2) past challenges and (1) current one from the forums.

Stay tuned for more updates! It's only going to get better from here!

-Lightfoot [FD]   "Vixen...I can smell you..." - Gas Bandit

March 18, 2017
Two new proposed event types: SSC and Strippers!

New event types? For Who?

Well...you! Since SSR (Same Setup Racing) is gaining a little traction and combat is, too, we figured we'd combine the two of them for SSC (Same Setup Combat). It's kind of self explanitory, but if it isn't, you know where to find me.

As for Strippers!?! It's not as cool as it sounds but if you're into racing bone stock cars with nothing but your armor to move around then this event is for you!

Stay tuned for hosted test runs!

-Lightfoot [FD]   "This suuucks..." - Gas Bandit

March 4, 2017
What's 13 years between updates?

Wait. What? There's an update on the AVA page? No f**kin' way...

Well...yeah! It looks like the AVA is starting to catch hold again so I figured it was time to do a little housecleaning. Then I realized that even if I started to fix some broken links and add some "new" content that no one would know. Kind of funny in that department, even posting an update here and I'm not sure if anyone will know. (wink)

Regardless, there's a new ladders page, the car designer is up and running (though you may have to approve the site in your Java console) and I smell a challenge coming up from either Wayek or Tex.

Stay tuned!

-Lightfoot [FD]   "The devil laughed and (s)he said "Burn!""

March 24, 2004
Announcing a new AVA event type!

Due to the popularity of the "Be like..." racing series from the TNE we've created an AVA approved version for your enjoyment.

The new variant will be known as SSR or "Same Setup Racing" in which all participants will be driving *EXACTLY* the same car. Same paint, same armor, same everything. Check the TNE details page for more information! If you have any questions in the mean time, please swing by the community messageboard (Link updated - 3/18/2017) and ask away!

-Lightfoot [FD]   "...because you're a witch..."

February 15, 2004
Another AVA Event is Scheduled!

Ahoy, laddies! Due to the outpouring of support for The AVA in the last week, we've decided to schedule this weeks TNE as the second AVA event in as many weeks.

If you have any questions about the event or how to participate, please swing by the community messageboard (Link updated - 3/18/2017) and ask away!

-Lightfoot [FD]   "Evil doers, eat my justice!"

February 11, 2004
Update, update, update...

Much like the old saying goes on how to be sucessfull at anything: Practice, practice, practice, the same holds true for building a sucessfull website, it's just: Update, update, update.

Most of the site basics are installed now, the rest are soon to follow. What we need now is for people to "Preach the Funk" where ever and when ever they can.

Drop a line to your old AVA buddies or just find one or two, host an event and then regale in it's glory on the messageboards. Interest breeds interest and this could get interesting.

-Lightfoot [FD]   "See you on the road, skag!"

February 9, 2004

As you may have noticed, all of the pages now resolve to thier respective pages and more information is being added every day.

We have our first AVA event scheduled for this coming Thursday (2/12/04) so swing by the Events page and check it out!

WT Lexi from INTERSTATE82.DE anticipates the rebirth of the Duelling/Racing/Trout Ladders before the end of the month. Check back soon for more information!

-Lightfoot [FD]

February 7, 2004
Peices / Parts

Some of the links on the site have gone "live", so check them out! Additionally, there is a new messageboard set up for any and all AVA questions :
The AVA Roudntable. (Link updated - 3/18/2017)
Stay tuned for further updates!

-Lightfoot [FD]

February 6, 2004
Guess who's coming to dinner?

The New AVA Project has begun! All site links are temporarily disabled. Stay tuned to this channel for further updates.

-Lightfoot [FD]